About Us

With years of experience as a timber framer, Amos Fisher opened Pequea Hinge in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1999. His son, Ivan, joined the business in 2001. With their interest in handmade hardware and blacksmithing, the two men studied with an accomplished blacksmith to learn the trade.

Their business, located on Amos' property, serves as a constant reminder that their work provides for their family's needs and demonstrates important values such as hard work, dependability, and honesty to each child and grandchild who steps foot into the shop. 

The Fishers are devoted men of faith. Their Amish values lead them to a life of simplicity and focus on God. As part of their core belief system, they choose to forgo electricity, even for business purposes. Instead, they generate their own power source. 



This father & son team, both skilled blacksmiths, make hand-forged hinges for timber frame barn & stall doors, household doors, kitchen cabinetry, 18th-century restoration hardware, and more. Their high-quality craftsmanship, expertise, attention to detail and integrity set them apart from the rest. 

Together their goal is to exceed your expectations with friendly, professional, and timely service and to make and sell only the highest-quality products. When you buy from Pequea Hinge, you will get high-end ironware made by proven craftsmen - guaranteed. 

If you can't find what you need, Amos and Ivan are happy to talk with you and discuss ideas for creating your custom product. They will bend over backward to help you get what you're looking for.

Visit their store to see firsthand the wide variety of ironware including hinges, handles, pulls, latches, hasps, and more or click here to begin shopping